By David ClarkeAbshott PublicationsFirst published in Great BritainShopping at HarrodsForeword by Dr Philip Fleming MA."Converted on LSD Trip"About the Author“And he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of fishes which they had taken”: Luke 5 verse 9.What to do with stolen goods?Problem solve by a visit from the C.I.D.Testimony of Barry Crown 1Testimony of Cyril Bryan 2Testimony of Mr E Connet 3I speak in courtThe News Head LinesSeeking TruthVoice of ChristDifficultyMy childhood and early lifeBorn in OldhamMy time at Garston Infants SchoolCongregational Sunday schoolCecil the sissy and air pistolWrexham HolidayThe Fair at Garston, paper round and stolen bikeA Stolen Crystal SetMy time at Francis Coombe Secondary SchoolMy visit to SohoMove to WilstoneThe Big Freeze 1962/63Short stay back to WatfordMy first matchbox radioAylesbury our new homeDavid’s do it your self-kartI steel push bikesLeaving School Teenage years“ Righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people”,“ Jesus said if you find life difficult learn of me and the burden I shall give you will not be too difficult to carry”.Our Rock groupOur favourite band The WhoMy first Girl FriendMods ride scooters, Rockers bikes. Who drives a bubble car?Pete Townshend gives us a liftThe Bubble CarDavid's Issetta Bubble CarBubble Car blows upMichael is released from BorstalCanterbury PrisonI go to Dover BorstalPaternity suiteMy release from BorstalSkinheads, Greasers at YarmouthNewquay Here we comeOur trip to ShorehamBad reputation- Sex ManiacPat Jones and the bullyConversion from crime to ChristA Bad LSD TripWhat after salvationWhat to do with stolen GoodsI seek to tell othersWhat does one do with stolen goods?What could or should I do now. I was responsible for all this stuffHippies in the ShedGoing to ChurchBugger off SatanI am baptizedBaptism in the SpiritThe Christian LifeDoing the work of an EvangelistGetting a JobWorking for selfDelivered from fire - the Morgan sports carI find work in LowestoftElim PentecostalWorking for Mr C J Ward and SonI attend the Pentecostal Holiness Church in BiertonI leave the Pentecostal Holiness ChurchThe three day week an my redundancyLetter informing me of my redundancyTo whom it may concernMy response to Mr Ward’s letterWorking for Granada TV RentalsVictor Prince the Crombie over coatI am offered a job with C J Ward and SonLetter from Mr Ward 21st November 1974My response to Mr Ward’s irritating letterMy letter or rely 31/11/74My visit to Northern IrelandIsaac and Esther shed tears of Repentance on Ian Paisley’s kneeBierton Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchI join the churchI fall into depressionBuying my first houseDepression the first time (circumstantial or indigenous or other?)Depression liftsI train to be a teacherBuying our first home together and getting marriedOn a manic highMy first lecturing post at Luton College of Higher EducationWe move to Luton and lived in a council supplied houseI do my own conveyanceMoving back to BiertonAngels come to helpWhat was all that about -Did angels really intervene?Prevented from buying a house - I upset J & JMy reply to Mr and Mrs J&JHats or head coverings for ladiesA Call to Preach the GospelDavid (bottom centre right) at Wolverhampton PolytechnicA Spanking from the pulpit (Isaac deserved it)Is Corporal punishment what Jesus wants?The Papal visit 1982Waddesdon Hill Strict Baptist ChapelWaddesdon Hill Strict Baptist ChapelLetter to Mr Knight (Chairman of the trust)My request turned downThe Papal Visit. I write to D.B. an Anglican VicarThey are both people of Christ.They are both people of Christ.They are both people of the Bible.Both have the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion.They are both people of the Holy SpiritFor clarification regarding baptism of infants, the Mass and prayers for the deadI go fishing for menWhat happened nextOutcome of the meetingI preach a moving sermonEssence of the sermon:The Holy TableEscorted out of St. Albans Abbey after a protestTeacher’s protest in AbbeyPlaying “Fantastic tricks”Cannot Remain SilentRescuing Michael's Roles RoyceLeaving Bierton Strict and Particular Baptist ChurchI Preach at HomeI seek a city whose builder and maker is God (Heb. 11 v 10)Meeting Richard BoltI meet John Metcalfe of Tyler’s Green ChapelThe Shot Gun our pockets searchedLetter to John MetcalfeReasonOur Move to Snailbeach- Lord’s Hill Baptist ChurchTrade Union activity NATFHE Luton College of HEMy reply to NATHFE Union 5/2/85 and was as followsMy reply to the Secretary of NATFHERecollection and union views nowSecond bout of depressionWe Move to LutonDiscipline a problem teaching at Luton CollegeMuslims want to convert meEntrepreneurial enterprise-coming out of depressionThe Apple Mac ComputerEntrepreneurial venture in Satellite TelevisionThe Meeting on 7th September 1988The following were in attendance at the meeting:A problem.My state of mind and manic activityA take over and I am paid to resignBi-Polar disorder or Manic DepressionThird bout of depressionSymptoms of Manic Depression or a Bi-Polar mood disorderList of people with bipolar disorders:I Work at Fareham CollegeMy doubts about GodMoving to Fareham I turn from GodMy visit to Soho LondonMy wife questions the reality of GodMichael goes to ThailandParadise Movies Michael in Thailand NEWS OF THE WORLD, January 19th, 1992Michael writes home seeking helpPunnee Bar Babbua Muang, Kanchanaburi Thailand 7100Mum and Dad fed up with MichaelTurning PointA dramatic change in my lifeMeeting Silver GirlMaking musicFalling in loveMichael returns from ThailandHighlands Road and the BMX Bike FrameIsaac flat Land Motor Bike Burnt outLeaving my wife and childrenA Prodigal SonI was made to walk the plankNumber 2 Hayling Close: A period between two wivesI wanted more roomHarrods of AbshottShopping for other peopleThe Television LicenseI had moved in and Simon knew itI take over the house at Hayling CloseI take in lodgersA run in with the PoliceMy house becomes fullThe House CourtI move into a tent in the back garden: Do I need a good woman or a minder?A fresh look at Christian MarriageSeeking to help Alan and SamMichael and the Philippines "Paradise Express" 1995 Front & rear cover of "Paradise Express"Michael is arrested in the PhilippinesOur Mother DiesNo sympathy for my brotherMichael was set up (entrapment)Crime Prevention ProgramsIsaac and Luke Fuller at Skelly WoodsPortsmouth Skate ParkHopkins, Richards Wells, Stephen Drain (Drainer) Anthony Pill (Pill) and many more.Isaac Luke and friends at Backyard event in HastingsOther Criminal Prevention programsBeing in the world yet not of the worldBMX stunt at Portsmouth Harbour (1995)Back flip over the FiestaMy Divorce August 1996My future and would I ever marry Silver Girl?The place of our marriageA Wedding reception at AsdaAsda reception couple put their wedding on iceI buy number 11 Hayling CloseThe Fareham Registry OfficeI build an extra room above the garageMy Father DiesAn insecure marriageFinancial settlement and divorce won't helpI was a murdererThe spare ribRebekah is bornOur first Holiday away in FranceInsecurityMy belief Sends Silver Girl around the bendNo way forward without the help of GodOur first SeparationOff the Record CounselingArgument 368 Kneeing in the TesticlesJust say I love you Try a different way 1997 – 98If I were you I would hit himI dare not open my eyesSuicidal thoughtsNurse Ratchet is jealous of my songJoining the Warsash ChurchOur second and final separationNurse Ratchet’s problem with me joining the church at WarsashNurse Ratchet upset with the churchI decide to join the churchI decide against joining the churchSummeryWomen Elders and the Church at WarsashI leave the church at WarsashProblems and difficulties in seeing my daughterMy sons Letter of apology to nurse RatchetNurse Ratchet will not come and speak to my youngest sonThis is not Christian behaviour but the opposite26 How my life was effectedSteven MurrayBaptism at sea marks start of my new lifeBy Lorna VicarsSteve Murray and Dan Bullimoore. They say they did not take my MotorbikeElly had a Go Kart accident and nearly losses her earElly and the Go KartThe News MUSIC / Lecturer plans to release self-penned single (19th December 1999)Dave at the WyvernI am taken to the Police StationA Christmas card for Miss Bulled Rupert Bear helps David form a band to help David’s dream come trueThis is what I did Desperate Measures Rock bandI build the coffin Gavin our lead guitarist, in the coffin at Fareham CollegeHouse nearly burnt downFIREFIGTERS IN ALARM WARNINGMark Rogers in our burnt out kitchenCoffin StolenThe News Tuesday March 24th, May 2000Not to be deterredMorgan was canedThe Air Balloon PortsmouthA problem of stolen equipmentGing as they call youGavin Sampson JodieThey have the following choices:Ging 4th October 2000Good RecoveredGing DiesXube Rock music to everythingDavid is the manager of a new Rock band called Xube Watch out for:Duggy Hammond at the Stables in Gosport with our Xube ModelsRe: Council Tax 440189724 your letters 11th December and 28th SeptemberNow regards the caravanWe will do our best to keep the peace.Michael’s call for helpMichael’s letter indicating a true change of mind and heartI write my life storyOne year on and a change takes placeHere is Michaels letter:News of Michael’s conversionMichael is baptized in the prisonI encourage Michael to be baptizedTo: "'David Clarke'" <david@dclarke49.fsnet.co.uk>John Sawyers funeralMy redundancy at Fareham CollegeFareham College Principal’s response to my book, “Converted on LSD Trip”Portsmouth consultant Psychiatrist approves my book"Converted on LSD Trip"Gordon Smith contacts meThe decision to go to help Michael.A legal matter from now onOur Mission to the Philippines August 2001Trojan Horse InternationalOur first Trojan Warrior In August 2002Inmate William C. PolocA Bionic Leg would be a blessing.Our Second mission to the PhilippinesBefore the Cock CrowsShould I obey God or Man?A commendation from Prince CharlesPresent and future PublicationsQuestions I am asked30 A fresh look at the Christian concept of marriageGen 2 18.Gen 3 17The Christian view of marriage has always been clear Ephesians 5 221 Cor 12 3Previous OccupationDorm 8-AFamily AddressDear Reader,Message to the World (August 11th 2001) From Michael J. ClarkeBELIEVE IT OR NOTAssured of victoryBe preparedKnowing the enemy (2 Cor. 2-11)WarningThe WarCan Christians be demonized?Church historyOther Publications by the Author"My Testimony""Fishing for Men""The Bierton Crisis" ISBN 0-9539473-2-7“Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”, "Does the Lord Jesus want women ruling His Church?" 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