Dear Editor

Due to the great interest shown for our punk opera called, Borstal Boy, along with the support of Mark Hoban MP for Fareham, Caroline Dinenage MP for Gosport Steve Brine MP for Winchester and David Lilington MP Aylesbury. We are preparing a Wikipedia entry for David Clarke.

David Clarke and his brother Michael were both born in Oldham brought up in Aylesbury and moved to Fareham and you have written articles about them in the past. David appeared as a guest on Premiere Radio in 2001 and TransWorld Radio, Sky Digital 888, in 2002 . Telling his story of conversion from crime Christ and his mission to Philippines jails.

The Opera is scheduled to be performed in HMP Aylesbury prison, in 2015.

250 copies of David’s book Borstal Boys were sent to 20 of our prisons including HMP Manchester and Aylesbury this past December and the prison chaplain have received them well. It is intended to perform this opera in other prisons given the appropriate permission.

Please find a link to the Draft Entry.

Draft: David Clarke (author) Wikipedia, the free encyoledia

We need permissions or direct links to the listed item below to add theme to Wikimedia Commons. Can you help or direct me to the department that can ?

The item listed below are from your past publications.

Please advise.

Secretary Dolores


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