I Had a Dream Last Night


And now ask the question, “Does God speak to us today by means of dreams or other events such as life circumstances or situations’.

This was the dream

I was invited to a regularly held event and presiding was the pastor (leader of the group) of a Church that I attended over 30 years ago. An evangelical group of men. There were quite a number in attendance, not a few and the leader announced that he had been to a meeting were consideration was being given to the question of. “Have we an accurate copy of the original scriptures today ?”

This question being raised as a result of more recently discovered documents or manuscripts dating back to the 4th century. And on a presumption that such a 4th century document is more likely to be a more accurate method of conveying the original writing of the gospels.

Also that upon this basis any attempt to reconstruct the original text of scripture must rely upon the earliest existing copy of the bible known to man.

This is a false presumption and is seriously flawed.

Errors in Doctrine

I have noticed that those people who hold to such views do err in their teaching concerning the doctrine of Christ, predestination and the sovereignty of God in creation and redemption.

My response the the leader of the group, and to all the men present at that meeting, was clear and I stated that it is a wrong assumption to suppose that the earliest copy (some 300 years after the original text was penned) is to be relied upon, when dealing with points of disputes and questions of doctrine, was wrong and and error.

God is Committed to watch over His Word

I put foreword the view that God has always watched over His word and not left his people without a light, to lighten their path.

I ask you ,”What document or scripture was used by believers from the first century until the lately discovers suspicious document that are now claimed to be the Word of God ?”

The early church guarded their working copies of the bible and used them continually and all the original documents were worn out and discarded or lost.

Copies of the Word of God were passed on, from generation to generation, in the languages of greek and other dialects and they flooded the market.

From these copies the Word of God spread often due to persecution.

Majority Text

After the distruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and subsequent other persecutions by Muslims of believers copies of the Word of God were carried away to far of lands by believers. It is to these scriptures (copies of documents called scripture) that the reformers referred to when a view was expressed that they drew water from wells of clear water.These documents became to be known as the “Majority Text”, from which all the reformers of the Christian religion relied upon and viewed to be the Word of God.

A Clear view of Gospel Truth

All these men had clear views of the gospel and taught clearly the deity of Christ, a correct view of scripture in it inspiration and accuracy, of course predestination, election and the sovereignty of God in creation and redemption.

I have noticed that those people who have taken the view that the 4 century documents, such as the Codex sinaiticus and vaticanus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_codices_Sinaiticus_and_Vaticanus), are the Word of God and are to be use as a base to reconstruct a new testament have all failed to teach the clear teaching of the doctrines of Gods sovereign grace.

Gospel Doctrine

That is to say, The Eternal Sonship of Jesus Christ, The preservation of the Word of God amongst believers, Predestination, Election, Justification by Faith with out the deeds of the Law, Regeneration or the New Birth. These truths being the essence of the gospel.

Our Responsibility

It is my testimony that the gospel truths of salvation through Jesus Christ, by grace alone, are only preserved by teaching the above truths above mentioned. That modern scholars that mistakenly take the view that the Oldest is Best, do err when it come to teaching the truths of the gospel. They hold false views of predestination and salvation by grace alone through Jesus Christ. It is my view that those who can see these things have a responsibility to point these matters out to the next generation and so to enable them from going back to Catholicism.

And so ends my dream.

David Clarke

15th July 2013