David Clarke’s new book Converted On LSD Trip 2nd Edition, is published on the day that his brother Michael was due to be released from New Bilibid Maximum Security Prison in the Philippines.

These brothers grew up in the 60’s and were both criminals who were later diagnosed as suffering from Manic Depression. Michael had been sentenced to a 16-year prison sentence in 1996, on a charge of “Promoting Child Prostitution”. He had always denied that charge. He died in prison suffering from tuberculosis in May 2005, after serving only 10 years of his sentence. Before his death Michael became a Christian after reading C. S. Lewis’s book, “Mere Christianity”. He then was baptized in an old 45 gallon Oil drum, in that prison, on 16th September 2000.

David charts his own life and that of Michael after their life paths changed direction when David himself had a bad experience on LSD in January 1970. This story was told as news headlines in the Bucks Herald newspaper entitled, “CONVERTED ON LSD TRIP”, on 11th February 1971, after David pleaded guilty, at Aylesbury magistrate’s court, confessing to 24 crimes, after turning from crime to Christ.

David formed Abshott Publications in 2001, to publish various books that relate to his life’s work and he now believes that both he and Michael are victims of Manic Depression. They have both suffered from hypo- manic episodes. However their belief systems conditioned the way that they reacted to their mood swings and may well account for some of their remarkable experiences that are recorded in this book.

In order to further their work David and Michael worked together to assist and help former criminals who had turned from crime to Christ by registering an Incorporation in the Philippines, under the name of Trojan Horse International (TULIP) Phil’s Inc. with the Securities Exchange (SEC) and with Companies House, in the UK, as an Overseas Branch number: FC025516.

This story could be of real help to Judges, Magistrates, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, doctors, social workers, solicitors, policemen, ministers of religion, Lecturers, teachers and probation officers. Also it could be helpful to Christians and those who suffer from manic depression or Dyslexia. It could also be a means of help to reform criminals and useful to those living in the margins of society, along with unruly youths, drug users, and hardened criminals. It could also be a help to any one contemplating, or going through divorce.

This story in now featured in a Punk Rock Opera Called, Borstal Boy, performed by The Asylum Seekers.

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